Monitoring System


WiNetRF™ Central Monitoring and Control System

WiNetRF™ is the intelligent choice for building owners, maintenance managers or service agents, exploring ways to reduce building maintenance costs and increase efficiencies. Designed to manage and monitor emergency lighting assets remotely and seamlessly, WiNetRF™ saves time, money and ensures safety standards are followed. A complete web-based, wireless mesh network that monitors, controls and manages an emergency lighting system, all from the click of a button.

WiNetRF™ is the only true wireless Exit & Emergency lighting system available in the Australian Market – Requiring no wiring between fittings.

How does it work

WiNetRF™ is based on Zigbee PRO mesh networking technology, in which every node is a transmitter and a receiver minimising the amount of hardware and reducing the costs at each site. A typical network can consist of any number of different areas within a building, each managed by a dedicated Smart Area Controller (SMARCO).

The SMARCO performs diagnostics in compliance with the Australia Standards and collects data from each connected device, also scheduling biannual discharge tests.

Self-healing mesh network

If one device can no longer communicate via its original path then the WiNetRF™ system automatically self-heals, redirecting communication via other devices. This self-healing, mesh network ensure that the system is always communicating to the main SMARCO via the optimal route. Additional SMARCOs can be used throughout buildings to improve connectivity.

Schedule Site Wide Self-Testing

Building managers can quickly and easily ensure the site’s compliance to testing requirements with our WiNetRF™ System without the need for dedicated electrical wiring system. WiNetRF™ allows building managers to schedule site wide self-testing, maintain electronic logbooks, and obtain status reports for the entire emergency lighting systems through any web enabled device connected to the buildings network.

Compliance before commissioning.

Self-commissioning ensures that facilities are being tested to Australian Standards from the installation date even before the WiNetRF Central Monitoring and Control System is commissioned by our expert team.


Wireless fidelity

Requires no extra wiring or communication cables between devices, operating at subGHz frequencies for extended coverage and high penetration through walls and floors.


WiNetRF™ is completely web-based and communicates using a user-friendly graphical user interface embedded within the SMARCO. The system is completely customised and can be accessed by simply using a web browser within a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Off-site commisioning and monitoring

The web-based system includes the provision for remote access to complete commisioning or system monitoring, avoiding on-site labour costs.

Total Management

WiNetRF™ monitors luminaires, initiates and schedules tests, maintains electronic logbooks, and obtains status reports for the entire emergency lighting systems within a building individually, in groups or all at once. Operators can add, remove or replace luminaires with minimal effort or training.


WiNetRF™ can be easily retrofitted into any BARDIC branded off-the-shelf product, eliminating the need for special and expensive replacement fittings or excessive lead times.

Cost Savings

Remotely monitor and control light fittings without having to perform a manual self-discharge test or locate and identify failed/faulty fittings.

Independent System

Normal emergency lighting operation is neither impeded by, nor dependent upon, the BARDIC WiNetRF™ system. Emergency or exit light fittings can be removed from or added anywhere within the BARDIC WiNetRF™ network without interrupting the operation of the system.

Data Integrity

Reduce human error and increase reliability by automating processes and logging maintenance data